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Next laser seminar of the "European Laser Academy" takes place in Berlin in October (German language).

International laser webinar in November (English language), speaker Dr. Michael Weber. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The LightStream mobile is now available with 2W/808 nm.

The therapy with the LightStream works tremendously fast and penetrates deeply. It can be used for any indication in the field of biomodulation/biostimulation. The LightStream is outstanding, combining therapeutic qualities and cost effectiveness. The modular design and therapeutic functions offer a complete clinical concept

The LaserPen is now available with superpulsed 90 W/904 nm (pulse width 200 nsec.) and it offers additionally a fast and easy Joule setting. The superpulsed multi-cluster probe of the Physiolaser now provides 5x60W/904 nm (pulse width 200 nsec). Despite the strong peak power the LaserPen and MC probe still belong to class 3B for gentle therapy in the range of the biological optimum.